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Meet the Artist

I’m just a girl that loves rocks. And making things. And bringing a little happiness to people’s lives. 

Growing up, I would beg my mom to take me to the local rock shop. I would comb through tiger's eye, turquoise, and jasper to find that special rock to take home with me. You know the rock...the one that "speaks" to you. I loved digging in the dirt and finding treasures in my surroundings. It could have been the shape of a leaf, the iridescent glow of a beetle wing, or a found seemingly use-less object that looked interesting to me. Then I allowed my creativity to run wild with inspiration to create something. 

Not much has changed these days. I still love to surround myself with nature and beautiful things. Creating makes me happy and creating something to make someone smile makes me even happier! My purpose through my art is to bring awareness to the beauty of our creator that surrounds us always.

In the Studio

I handcraft unique jewelry and accessories in my studio located in the heart of the Cultural District in Fort Worth, Texas.

I design each piece often sketching and creating a prototype. Then I cut, shape, hammer, texture, and solder sterling silver, gold, brass and copper to create unique pieces of art. I often use natural gemstones, vintage finds, repurposed items, and interesting textures in my art.

I enjoy sharing my process with collectors and also fellow artists. On occasion, I partner with other artists and makers to feature their work and you will find some of those pieces here on the website.

Why did I choose to make heirloom quality jewelry?

Honoring the traditions of handcrafted jewelry are important to me. Sure, I am grateful for all of the modern equipment metalsmiths have available today, but fast fashion and production jewelry just are not my thing. Beautiful, thoughtful design is at the heart of everything I create.

I believe that jewelry, as art, should be passed down the generations. Each piece holds a special energy and memories...and those memories live on and through heirloom pieces.

As an artist, if I can touch someone through my craft and offer them wearable art they will enjoy for a lifetime, that deepens my purpose as an artist.

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